This person feels good about themselves when they have had a productive day.

  • This person is at their best when they are in a busy environment – they like having a full plate
    and will try and get a lot done each day.
  • This person takes the initiative to find things to do.
  • This person can work at a fast pace and has a need to be productive every day.
  • This person will push themselves to do more.
  • This person is energized when there is a lot to get done each day.
  • This person may believe that there is always more for them to do.
  • It is important to this person to be able to measure their accomplishments at the end of the day.
  • After this person’s objectives have been met, they generally will look for more to do.
  • This person is a self-starter and is motivated by being productive.

Collaboration Alert:

This person has more energy than other people and can work longer hours and not get ‘burned
out.” They might look at others who can’t accomplish as much as they do as ‘lazy’ or ‘not
motivated.’ They may need help understanding that most people can’t keep up with them. This
person likes to be busy so much so that they may not always be working on the right things. Ask
this person how they measure their accomplishments. Challenge them to set clear priorities to
become more productive and to spend time on what they love doing.

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