This person is willing to invest time and attention to improvement. It could be a person’s growth or even an organization’s growth.

  • This person sees themselves as someone who can grow and develop others.
  • This person is willing to sacrifice their time to help others and allow people the freedom to perform.
  • This person believes that everyone has the capability to improve.
  • This person will be the most successful at gaining a commitment with others after they have invested their time in them.
  • Providing support and development to others energizes this person.
  • This person generally has a lot of patience when developing someone in their role.
  • This person may have a talent to see the potential in all people as well as the desire to help people grow their talent.
  • This person may have a huge desire to invest their time in another person’s development.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person enjoys seeing others progress and may feel a sense that something is missing when they are not in a role that includes coaching or mentoring others. This person genuinely believes that they can help others be successful and may wind up holding onto a poor performer for too long. As a manager, they will need to remember to discuss what is important to their direct reports while keeping their unique abilities in mind. It may be good for this person to discuss with their manager whether or not a subordinate is in the right role.

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