This person lives their life through an established belief system.

  • This person orients their activities on things that will align with their belief system.
  • The more this person believes that their recommendation is in the other person’s best interest, the more willing they are to gain a commitment from them to move forward.
  • This person will be at their most productive when they have a sense that their work has an inherent purpose.
  • This person’s strong belief system is unlikely to change over time.
  • People appreciate this person’s sense of doing what is right, and can easily identify their values.
  • This person would rather take criticism for standing up for what they believe in rather than compromising their belief system.
  • This person has an internal drive to work with a sense of purpose and to add value in what they do everyday.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person will work with a solid sense of purpose and do the right thing for the right reasons. They want to have an impact on those around them in a way that is meaningful. This person has unchanging values and a solid commitment in what they do and will live out their values. This person can be very straight forward or challenging when their belief system is at stake.

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