This person likes to be in charge and they are not afraid to express their viewpoint.

  • This person has the presence to challenge others and to ask tough questions..
  • This person can think clearly under pressure, speak with clarity and remain in control.
  • This person will immediately deal with problems and will be persistent.
  • This person is willing to ask for commitments even when it means risking the relationship.
  • When problems arise, this person may jump in and take charge to resolve it.
  • This person is concise, direct and sometimes even blunt in their communication style.
  • This person will not back down from confrontation and will push for information and answers.
  • When dealing with conflict, this person will generally remain composed and level headed.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person has a lot of presence and will use it to get people to do things. They tend to take charge or take the lead and ask the tough questions for other people. They can think clearly under pressure, they expect clarity from others and are comfortable taking risks. They like dealing with people who are straight forward with them. They will like a role where they feel they are in control. Sometimes people with Direct can shut others down so they need to learn to ask questions and pull others into the conversation. If someone with a lot of Direct has a manager who doesn’t, they may come across to the manager as insubordinate.

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