This person is a natural wellspring of enthusiasm that can be passed to others. 

  • This person engenders feelings of warmth and goodwill and has a positive effect on the people around them.
  • This person looks for the good in people and situations – they tend to avoid negative people.
  • In order to gain a commitment, they will find success when they sense a person’s enthusiasm is reflected back to them.
  • This person’s approach to life is one of possibility, not defeatism or cautiousness.
  • This person may have a warm and genuine leadership style that motivates people to perform at their best.
  • This person’s positive affect relates to people in a manner in which they will positively respond.
  • This person brings an enthusiasm and purpose to the workplace that may enhance engagement.
  • The actual act of asking may not be automatic for this person.

Collaboration Alert: 

People with this talent can move people into action with their upbeat attitude. In more complex circumstances, they will need to add problem-solving and sound reasoning to build a case. Being around a lot of negativity or negative people can be a drag on their emotions. They look to find reasons to be optimistic and will try to turn around the negative. They are quick to smile.

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