This person is drawn to potential and is willing to invest their time and attention into high potential growth.

  • This person is drawn to excellence and is intrigued by the positive behavior of others.
  • This person is not as interested in fixing something that is broken.
  • This person excels at recognizing high performing behavior in others.
  • This person’s resources and time should be distributed to people in terms of the likely return – high performers receive more resources.
  • This person is drawn to develop and mentor high performers and fit them in a role that is right for them.
  • When this person determines another’s potential, they will work to leverage their talent and help them
    achieve their goals.
  • This person works at creating a vibrant work environment where people can excel in their roles.
  • This person values the differences in people and treats them as unique individuals.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person has an awareness of the positive behaviors of the people around them and can give people tasks and objectives that will leverage their talents. This person may resist people who are overly critical or who overlook their achievements. They will want to spend their time on certain things….not on everything. They look at others in terms of what they do well and will develop their strengths to a mastery level.

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