SRG’s Employee Engagement process is a highly sophisticated method for measuring clearly defined components of morale. As many managers have noted, when morale goes up so does productivity, and when morale goes down so does productivity. What has been missing has been an accurate picture of what morale really is and how managers can improve it.

Employee attitudes correlate to a variety of key business indicators, such as: productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer attachment.

Engaged employees are more customer focused, profit conscience, supportive of co-workers, and loyal to their organization. They have an emotional bond to their company and when given a choice, they will conduct themselves in a way that furthers the organization’s needs. Studies show that disengaged employees erode the attachment customers feel for your organization. In contrast, rising Employee Engagement scores often indicate improvement in customer attachment as well as other key business outcomes.

SRG’s research shows that employee engagement is largely affected at the local manager level, rather than the company level. We offer feasible action-based recommendations that highlight immediate opportunities to improve employee engagement.

Understanding Engagement

The Employee Engagement survey consists of eighteen (18) proprietary statements and up to six (6) optional questions provided by the client, if desired. Each statement was selected because of a correlation to outcomes. Engagement statements are centered on the four main areas depicted below.

SRG creates a dedicated web site for survey participants to take the Employee Engagement survey. The survey is conducted with complete anonymity for the participants, consequently, ensuring candid responses. SRG provides information to prepare the participants for the engagement survey. Then we email a specialized code and instructions to each participant, as well as follow up reminders if necessary. Generally the answer collection occurs over a two-week period.

What you get from SRG Employee Engagement

Engagement scores provide a snapshot of what’s going on in particular managers group at that particular moment in time. After we process and analyze the engagement data, written result reports are organized by individual work groups and provided to the appropriate manager. SRG can conduct an executive presentation summarizing SRG’s findings and recommendations, which include comparisons to previous Employee Engagement questionnaires. This becomes the basis for Action Steps where the best opportunities for adjustment and improvement lie.

SRG is committed to translating what we have learned about your organization into tangible improvements in Productivity, Profitability, Employee Retention and Customer Attachment. Employee Engagement scores can be quite different from work group to work group. They provide individual managers with the information they need to create the best plan to improve engagement within their group, instead of vague, company-wide initiatives. The reports gives a manager valuable insight on where the best opportunities for adjustments and improvements lie.

Executive presentations are provided to the entire group after the scores are compiled. We provide a series of “classroom setting” tools for managers such as World Class Interviews and Performance Management Initiatives, specifically designed to drive engagement. One-on-one conversations can be arranged with individual managers to help them in developing a strategic action plan.

At SRG, our focus is not on just improving scores but actually improving the engagement of your workforce. SRG is committed to helping companies get better. We place more emphasis on identifying the action steps to improve engagement than simply measuring engagement on a frequent basis. SRG can also make available any additional consulting to provide further analysis of the engagement data, individual coaching or additional management presentations on a per request basis.