This person feels good about themselves when they are able to work with autonomy.

  • This person puts a lot of faith in their own conclusions…they trust their own answer.
  • This person is the most successful when they can work with a lot of autonomy.
  • This person is able to draw from their past and what they know to make their decisions for the present.
  • This person exudes confidence in what they know and will act on what they believe is right.
  • This person is willing to make decisions and confident that they are the right ones.
  • People will rely on this person’s authenticity and straight forward manner.
  • This person loves working with autonomy and enjoys a role where they feel in control.
  • People will appreciate their confidence because experience has shown that over time, their instincts and decisions can be trusted.

Collaboration Alert:

This person may not be as easily influenced by others input or ideas, instead they will push forward or go their own way in what they believe is the right thing to do. This person can be a challenge to manage if they are on the wrong track. This person will clash with a micro-manager. When things do go wrong, they do take ownership of it, and may take that attitude with others. People with this talent can loan it, they provide the confidence for others to take action. Their Confidence is intense around things they believe they can make a judgment decision. They are very independent and their own best advisor.

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