This person feels good about themselves when they are in motion.

  • This person can push and persuade as necessary in order to move people forward.
  • People who move slow and think slow are typically not their best partners.
  • This person’s work-style is action-oriented and determined.
  • This person will focus on moving objectives forward and will drive others in order to get things moving.
  • This person has an internal spark to take action.
  • Turning their ideas into a strategic plan and acting on it is energizing for this person.
  • This person may be good at rallying others to take action and get the job done.
  • This person has a proactive approach to achieving a goal – they will find a way for forward progress.
  • This person may become impatient when their plans have been delayed, or if they have to wait.

Collaboration Alert:

This person has the drive to make something happen, not just talk about it. Is this person moving too quickly for the people around them? This person needs to communicate more about what they are doing. This person is resilient. People will go to them to make things happen so they need to make sure that the goal they are working toward is a top priority. In some cases this person is better at starting than finishing. Look to their Understanding Themes to help balance their sense of urgency.

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