This person feels good about themselves when they receive the right appreciation for their accomplishments.

  • This person sets high expectations for himself, and thrives in a job that will demand a lot from him.
  • This person enjoys challenges and likes to be recognized for their achievements as it drives them to do more.
  • This person is driven to be a top achiever and is willing to put the time and effort into reaching the top spots and leadership positions.
  • Praise and recognition should be sincere, since this person works hard to get the right ‘accolades’.
  • This person is at their best when they are working in areas that have significant potential as they do not want to let others down.
  • This person will set high personal benchmarks for what they personally want to achieve.
  • This person may be motivated by positive recognition from his or her peers or supervisors.
  • When setting goals, this person may expect a lot out of himself and compare himself to the best.
  • This person will work to reach the best results, and naturally work into leadership positions.

Collaboration Alert:

This person can get defensive with criticism and will avoid those who criticize. This person wants to know what they do well. This person will be drawn to high profile projects and people and will take pride in their work and company. This person will want praise in areas that are important to them. Group praise is not meaningful. This person has a desire for recognized excellence – a need to be viewed as credible and appreciated for their unique talents. Their manager needs to find out what recognition is the most important them.

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