This person feels good about themselves when they are able to solve a problem, fix something, or make
something whole.

  • This person is motivated to discover and remove obstacles and may not want to rest until its fixed.
  • This person would rather repair something that is broken as opposed to simply maintaining the status quo.
  • This person may have good insight and ability to discover what the real problem might be.
  • This person may be good at reacting and solving problems.
  • This person is motivated by fixing things or making things whole.
  • When solving a problem, this person gets a lot of energy from analyzing the situation, finding a solution and then solving the problem.
  • This person may flourish in an environment where there are many problems to solve.
  • If something is broken, this person will generally find a way to fix it or make it whole.

Collaboration Alert:

This person is energized by finding the problem, studying the situation and fixing the problem.
This person may be too quick to point out a problem because they want to be given the chance to fix it. This person may excel in turning around a broken territory. This person may need help in sorting through the value of what is fixable and if the result is worth the cost. They like to fix problems so much that they may look for problems or create problems to fix. Discuss with this person about the problems they are currently solving to keep them on track.

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