This person feels good about themselves when they can compete and win.

  • This person is driven to compete if they think they can win the competition.
  • This person will take it personally when they lose.
  • This person will struggle hard to win if they believe they have a fair chance to win.
  • This person needs another human to compete against.
  • This person is generally motivated by comparing their performance to other people’s performance and that may push this person to perform at a higher level.
  • Rankings and consistent measurement are important for this person to evaluate their success.
  • This person may be selective about when they want to compete.

Collaboration Alert: 

Depending on the outcomes of their wins, this person can sometimes be on an emotional roller coaster. A manager with Rivalry needs to take care that they are not competing with their direct reports. It is good to celebrate this person’s win and allow them to process through their loss. Close competition is important to engage this person. For example, if they are in 21st place, they may not want to compete against the person who is #1, but would rather compete against 17th or 18th place. This person will enjoy the challenge of competing and there can be a real thinking dimension to figure out a way to win. Make sure there are clear finish lines and celebrate the wins.

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