This person is able to go with the flow and will be productive through change.

  • This person is able to live in the moment.
  • This person has a natural need to respond to their environment and can modify objectives as needed.
  • This person feels stifled when there is a lot of routine and structure but they thrive in a job when they can take advantage of the unexpected.
  • This person will excel in responding to events as they occur.
  • This person thrives in change.
  • This person may feel stifled in an environment with a lot of routine and structure.
  • When there is an emergency, this person may be able to quickly and positively respond.
  • This person may like a lot of variety in their work environment.
  • This person may like a variety of duties in their work environment.

Collaboration Alert: 

They are energized when they are in a role where they are able to react and respond. They capitalize on the unexpected in order to take advantage of the present moment. This person may not be as organized as needed, so they may need a little help with paperwork or details. It is important to keep this person targeted on their goals and objectives so it would help to have timelines and expectations well defined. When assigned a task, this person should ask: “When do you need this done?”

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