This person can focus their efforts and energies on completing a task or objective regardless of the environment.

  • This person will not want to waste time on things that keep them from focusing on their key goals as they sort through what is important.
  • This person likes to keep their eye on their target and be in control of their time and actions.
  • Their progress must lead to an end result and they excel at blocking out distractions.
  • This person likes to work from a plan and will generally set goals to track their success.
  • This person generally knows their expected outcomes and they have a need to finish what they have started.
  • This person excels at blocking out distractions in order to achieve a goal.
  • This person may become anxious when they have to do things that divert them from their intended goal.
  • It is important for this person to work on tasks where they can see a beginning and an ending.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person has a knack to filter to what is important and will keep their focus until they get the job done. They excel at working in situations where they can see closure and are at their most productive when goals are measurable and specific. They always seem to know where they are going…they don’t jump around whether its goals, careers or companies. Make sure that they do not lose site of things that are happening around them as they may be too immersed in their own plan and miss other possibilities.

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