This person is able to orchestrate all of the pieces – people, activities, and resources to achieve an improved outcome.

  • This person knows there is more than one way to achieve a goal and will find the best path to get there.
  • Juggling any number of tasks in the day comes easily to this person.
  • This person can figure out the most streamlined way to orchestrate the desired outcomes.
  • This person likes multi-faceted projects and can be very resourceful in achieving a goal.
  • This person may have a natural inclination to respond.
  • This person may be most effective when they are juggling a lot at one time.
  • This person consistently looks for a better way to get something done.
  • This person may excel at orchestrating all the various pieces of a project to reach a goal.

Collaboration Alert: 

This is a talent that really contributes to the team as they can figure out how to make the most of people, process, time and resources. This person may have a calming effect on others, always re-adjusting and keeping things together. There is a certain amount of accountability with this theme as the person does not want to let others down or drop a ball. This person may excel at organizing tasks according to a deadline, so they may be their most effective when there are goals and tasks with time-lines attached. Challenge Improvers on the cost/benefit analysis activities.

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