This person has a need for structure and can easily establish routines and processes.

  • Organized and methodical, this person works best from a well defined game plan.
  • This person is at their most productive when their day is structured as opposed to spontaneous.
  • This person is usually self-directed and has a need for closure or to finish the tasks they are working to achieve.
  • This person is generally good at organizing their day to day activities.
  • This person generally will not procrastinate or stray from achieving a goal.
  • This person may be drawn to breaking goals down into smaller parts and working on them one at a time.
  • This person’s aptitude for order and structure helps them achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.
  • This person rarely turns in paperwork late.
  • This person has a need for structure and a timely completion of projects.

Collaboration Alert:

This person may not be comfortable having too much on their plate as they may not like juggling various tasks and not achieving results. They like to know the expected outcomes and deadlines and will not procrastinate when there is a task to complete. This person may need help in understanding that not everyone can thrive in a structured environment. Help them to focus on outcomes, not the path to get to the goal. This person may not like working off the cuff – if there is a wrench in their plans, they may need a little time to re-structure their objectives. This person is careful about what they will take on as they generally will not over commit.

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