Their challenges and solutions will be well thought out and intentional.

  • This person will want to thoroughly and carefully think things over before making a decision.
  • When it comes to praising the performance of others, this person will be very selective and give it for only exceptional results.
  • This person will not look for the ‘quick fix.’
  • This person likes to process information and will need time to think things through.
  • When it comes to making decisions, this person may be overly cautious.
  • This person may be a little reserved and private.
  • This person may not freely give praise to their direct reports.
  • This person likes to think and ponder, a quick fix is not their style.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person will have carefully thought out their recommendations. This person may need a push to get them to move because at times they may suffer from ‘analysis paralysis.’ There is a reserved cautiousness to this person, they may be a little more private. They need time to think things through as they do not want to rush into a decision. They may like quiet and to be alone. This person will want to understand all the facets of an issues before making a decision. They are better at identifying potential problems than they are at leading the change.

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