Drive results with “Progress Conversations” & collaboration

Much effort has been put into studying the world’s best managers. And with good reason. The biggest opportunity to improve overall performance in any organization lies with the capabilities of individual managers. Managers make a difference!

Years of working with clients has taught us that this biggest single opportunity comes from managers and employees developing a clear understanding of expectations, short-term goals, resources and priorities. Great managers find genuine ways to help their employees, recognize the different requirements their performers have, and create a sense of belonging. Yet, in most organizations this does not happen on a consistent basis.

SRG offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including both training and software to help managers develop and implement a more productive and engaged workgroup.

How does it work?

Most managers want to bring out the best in their people, but they simply have never been taught how. Performance Management is a system for creating a work environment that facilitates discussions between managers and their employees about short-term goals, resources and priorities. The purpose of the Performance Management program is to achieve an organization’s competitive advantage through improved individual performance. It integrates individual efforts with established corporate, division and team goals through enhanced communication between employees, work teams and managers.

The frequency and quality of those discussions are singularly the best way to increase employee engagement and productivity. Performance Management brings out the best in people while generating the highest value for the organization.

Performance Management takes what we have learned from the best managers and puts it into a focused and digestible format that helps managers develop the right managerial habits. The program creates ongoing opportunities for managers to coach and support their direct reports as well as a record of accomplishments that can be recognized by the organization. Managers learn to provide clear directions to employees, how to facilitate ownership and responsibility for work assignments, and how to focus on individual, team and corporate goals in order to maximize results.

More than just a Managing Style 

It is very important for us to point out that SRG’s Performance Management is much more than some type of managing style or method. Nor is it a one-sided process.

The core principle behind Performance Management is getting employees to identify and take ownership of their own goals. The manager’s role is to become more of a coach and a resource that enables their direct reports to achieve what they set out to do.

Employees learn to self-manage. Our experience has been that people are more likely to accomplish their goals if they take part in setting goals and committing their goals to another person, in this case, their manager. SRG’s Performance Management software makes it easy and convenient to engage in this process.

We have seen continuous improvement among workgroups using this program. Here are some of the benefits realized by employees using Performance Management:

  • Helps employees be proactive and self-directive in accomplishing their day-to-day roles.
  • Improves both short-term and long-term results.
  • Employees prefer using this approach because it enables them to consistently work at their full potential, and at the same time know that they are doing what their manager thinks is most important.