The key to success: understand and harness the unique strengths of your performers.

If you observed a group of people in a room, no one except identical twins would look alike. Each person has their own combination of physical characteristics, such as skin texture, eye color, bone structure, and facial features that combine to make each person look unique. The same is true with our personality. It’s the unique combination of many facets of our personality that influence our relationships and our success in life.

In his famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie notes that exceptional performance in life and business require that we successfully interact with other people. More pointedly, at SRG we have observed that one’s ability to build relationships, explain ideas, and gain commitments correlates directly to success.

Out of more than 18,000 personality traits, each of us develops a subset that becomes dominant. Contained within our overall personality are the specific traits that blend together to create our best and most authentic way to interact with others. This combination of traits is quite different from one person to the next. The most important lesson we have learned is that by harnessing and developing our own traits, we can improve our results.

SRG’s TalentProfiler™ was designed to uncover those personality traits, or “talents,” that specifically relate to a person’s ability to build relationships, explain ideas and gain commitments. The assessment also uncovers a person’s most dominant motivational drivers and the environment in which they will perform at their most productive level.

There are 31 talent themes and TalentProfiler™ evaluations. These themes are divided into five categories, Asking, Trust, Motivation, Organization, and Understanding, and constitute the five most critical areas when it comes to achieving goals and working with others. Since no one has talent in all 31 themes, TalentProfiler™ a person their best individual means to optimize in each of these five areas.

TalentProfiler™ is taken online by responding to a series of statements. This assessment has been carefully engineered to gather the maximum amount of information in a short amount of time – approximately 25 minutes. Yet the results of TalentProfiler™ are pointedly accurate in identifying an individual’s talent themes that impact how people interact together. It is designed to help a person capitalize on their strengths by helping them to discover and apply them in all aspects of life.

After completing the TalentProfiler™, SRG provides for the participant a personal, in-depth report describing their 12 most dominant themes. Their manager will receive an abbreviated report with suggestions on how to best work with them based on their individual talents.

Who can benefit from taking TalentProfiler™?

Everyone. All of our observations indicate that people improve most by leveraging their greatest areas of talent. The underlying purpose of the TalentProfiler™ report is to help people understand how their unique combination of talents blends together. Learning how they effectively use these talents is their greatest opportunity for improvement and represents their best potential to excel. Suggestions based around each person’s dominant talents are included in each report.

There are three versions or reports- One each for Salespeople, Managers, and General Employees – plus a soon to be released leadership version. The reports are presented with the thought in mind of how it applies to what people are doing every day.

Taking the TalentProfiler™ assessment is just the first step. SRG offers a variety of follow up sessions, including live presentations, training and development events, and one-on-one phone consultations. These can be geared toward individual development, team building exercises, or company-wide initiatives. Our goal is to help your company create an embedded strengths culture that is internally reinforced.

Why should your organization use it?

SRG’s TalentProfiler™ assessment determines each individual’s strongest areas of talent and highlights how they can improve and develop. It points mangers in the right direction in terms of what each person needs to be at their most productive. This includes the most promising areas to coach around, and the best way for the manager to consistently have a positive impact on performance.

The use of TalentProfiler™ helps companies have a more engaged workforce. Employees become more productive and fulfilled when they use their greatest talents each and every day. Each employee derives more satisfaction from their job when they are recognized and appreciated for their unique contributions and are encouraged to grow in areas where they have the greatest potential.

The best way to appreciate the benefits of SRG’s TalentProfiler is to take the assessment for yourself. SRG invites you to fill out and submit the contact SRG form to receive a code and instructions to complete the TalentProfiler assessment and receive a sample version of the TalentProfiler Assessment report. Please fill out the form on the right side of page to receive your access by email.