Unlock the Keys to Exceptional Performance

Exceptional performance in many areas of life and business requires that we successfully interact with other people. While this is especially true in occupations like sales and management, it is also true in many other occupations and in many personal aspects of life. Constructively relating to other people involves our ability to build relationships, explain ideas and influence others in a way that we are able to gain commitment or support. Additionally, our productivity is affected by what motivates us, and how we organize ourselves to get things done.

The SRG TalentProfiler™ identifies an individual’s most dominant talent themes to reveal how they are motivated, how they build trust, how they process information and explain ideas, how they influence others and seek commitments and how they get their best work done. When it comes to effectively dealing with people and getting things done, these are the areas where talent matters most.

Talent themes fall into two categories: CAN and WILL

1 CAN the person do the job?

  • Understanding themes describe how we think. This affects the way we process and pay attention to information and how we explain it to others.
  • Trust themes help us establish relationships. They provide an emotional sense of security that people often need to move forward.
  • Asking themes help us seek commitment form others. These are the themes that help us move someone along into making a decision, a commitment or agreeing to do something.

2 WILL the person do the job?

  • Motivation themes affect how we feel about ourselves. These themes influence our self-esteem.  We feel good when these needs are satisfied and unfulfilled when they are not.
  • Organization themes describe how we get things done. Sometimes they can help us understand the kind of environment we need to be in to be the most productive.

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Understanding themes: How we think & process information

Trust Themes: How we establish connections with others

Asking Themes: How we seek commitments from others

Motivation Themes: The drivers which influence the perception of our own self-worth

Organization Themes: How we get things done