This person has a natural talent to build in-depth relationships, and can create a feeling of goodwill with people.

  • It is more important for this person to build close bonds with a few people than it is to call everyone a friend.
  • This person will expect more of a friendship and will want to spend time to really get to know a person.
  • This person can build advocates in business as they know that relationships are a means to business growth.
  • This person likes a work environment where they have close relationships.
  • This person may have a talent for cultivating long term business or personal relationships.
  • Relationships are important to this person, they work at keeping their relationships intact.
  • Putting people first may be a way of life for this person.
  • Relationships with this person are built around trust and generally not developed overnight.

Collaboration Alert:

This person instinctively knows that people are important, and they will work to engage with them. They have a natural understanding that people will follow if they trust in him or her. They will work at cultivating warm and accepting relationships with those around him. This person likes people and can get caught up with doing tasks and helping when others ask him rather than work from a well defined plan. These individuals build relationships by sharing details about themselves. This person may need to rely on other talents to develop broader networks.

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