This person enjoys the act of communicating.

  • This person needs someone to listen and will initiate relationships through communication.
  • This person is able to bring life into static ideas or theories.
  • This person likes to get the conversation going and can easily dive into one.
  • This person is comfortable communicating…what is their preferred form of communication?
  • This person may be able to find the right words to explain a concept or idea.
  • This person may have a natural desire to present, give a speech, write a speech, or train people.
  • This person may be able to use an anecdote to get his or her point across.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person may have a desire to write, speak, explain or communicate in public. They are generally good storytellers, but they may need to refine this talent. They would benefit from perfecting a few of their stories to persuade or make a point to a customer or co-worker. This person may tell others more than they need to know. Because they are so comfortable speaking, they should remind themselves to listen, ask questions, and to pull others into the conversation.

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