This person is team oriented and can excel at bringing people together to build consensus.

  • This person would rather build consensus by looking for commonalities than create conflict.
  • This person is diplomatic so it will be a pretty big issue if they create some conflict.
  • This person may not be comfortable around conflict, so they will carefully choose their battles when they are forced to confront.
  • This person may rely on expert opinions to find ways to avoid conflict.
  • This person is a team player, and is more comfortable in the role of consensus builder.
  • When getting people to take action, this person may be more comfortable accommodating their peers than pushing to get their way.

Collaboration Alert:

This is a person who rarely engages in conflict. They would rather talk through the issues instead of getting embroiled in conflict. When there is serious conflict, they will use other talents and abilities to find another way to the reach the goal, rather than be confrontational. If the subject is an area of their expertise, or if it is a matter of conviction, this person may be more direct. They may need to think about different techniques to use to resolve conflict without confrontation.

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