This person has an innate ability to identify with another person’s feelings.

  • This person is able to tune into the emotional signals coming from other people.
  • People feel comfortable around this person and will often tell them their private thoughts.
  • People respond favorably to those with this talent because they are able to convey that they understand the people they are around.
  • This person often absorbs emotional issues and can react faster than others.
  • This person responds to people well with an awareness of their emotional signals.
  • This person may excel at looking at a situation from another person’s perspective.
  • People generally feel comfortable telling this person their private thoughts or problems.
  • This person may be able to quickly build trust with others.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person is able to take in the world through another’s perspective. They can provide comfort and put people at ease because they convey that they understand their feelings. This person can get overwhelmed with the emotions of a situation. When solving a problem or dealing with conflict, this person will have to be intentional about separating the emotions and what is practical about the situation.

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