This person is able to identify what is unique and different about each person.

  • This person generally knows people as individuals – what makes them unique, and what their special talents and behaviors are.
  • This person understands that people’s individual circumstances need to be taken into account and to adjust their approach to each person differently.
  • This person may get frustrated by people who generalize and stereotype.
  • This person tends to be a good observer of other people and has a knack for making accurate assessments.
  • This person’s assessment of others should be taken seriously as they often see things others would miss.
  • This person is generally a good observer and a good listener when dealing with people.
  • This person has good ‘gut instincts’ about others even though they may not be able to fully
    explain the reason.
  • This person can develop people through his or her insight into their abilities and talent.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person has the ability to treat each person differently. They are intrigued by people and will want to get to know others one by one, although it may be from a distance. They notice the unique qualities that make each person different. As a manager, they look to have the right people doing the right work in order to grow the business. This person can be a little blunt, but will generally give people enough room to be their true selves. They will want to do what is right for the person, not treat people with a broad brush. This person should be encouraged to share their positive observations of others.

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