A natural problem solver, this person is able to approach a problem from a variety of angles. 

  • This person is drawn to new ideas or information and they may be quick to come up with both.
  • This person constantly thinks up innovative theories, concepts, ideas and solutions.
  • This person is generally optimistic that they can think up a new way around a problem or road block.
  • This person is highly imaginative and is good at brainstorming.
  • This person may see what solution is needed to solve a problem before others.
  • When evaluating a situation, this person may be able to generate positive options to get the job done.
  • Many times this person is unconsciously processing ideas and may want to talk about them.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person may benefit from working with a partner who can help them consider the “logic” behind their ideas. Not all of their ideas are good so they may need some help sorting through what will work. This person may frustrate people who are more factual in their problem solving approach. This person can easily see the connections between their idea and how it will solve the problem. Other people may not be as quick to see the connections so this person may ave to be specific and explain step by step how they arrived at the solution.

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