This person has a logical approach to problem solving.

  • This person has a tendency to think through all of the reasons, causes and the different factors that will affect the situation.
  • This person will want an innovative idea grounded in facts and data that will support the decision.
  • This person needs data and information and may delay making a decision until they feel they have asked all of the questions and reviewed all of the information necessary.
  • This person is able to sort through a problem and utilize information to develop good solutions.
  • This person prefers information to be presented in an objective, unemotional manner.
  • This person may defer action until all of their questions have been answered and all of the facts have been gathered.
  • This person will generally make decisions based on the facts they have gathered.
  • This person likes analyzing information, the more facts the better.

Collaboration Alert:

This person may solve problems based on what they know so it would be to their advantage to brainstorm with a Creative thinker when they come across new obstacles or problems. It is important to give this person the information and data they need to develop a strong expertise as they may feel they are not at their best if they don’t have all of the facts available. This person may challenge or correct people and may delay making a decision if they don’t have the necessary information. Help this person avoid over analysis.

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