This person has a need to know the past, and how things came to be in order to better understand the present and future.

  • This person thinks chronologically and wants to know the sequence of events.
  • This person thinks about the past to draw connections to better understand the present and future.
  • This person is likely to learn from past mistakes and successes and may use this information to form a plan of action.
  • This person wants to know about another’s past as a way of understanding them.
  • This person may learn from past events in order to achieve success.
  • When explaining a situation, this person may need the historical background to provide better understanding.
  • This person excels at finding trends or patterns in historical data.
  • This person is the most comfortable looking at historical data in order to make sense of the future and will project into the future based on their understanding of the past.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person may be able to give insightful background information regarding certain people or situations. They can see trends in historical data and may draw conclusions to function better in the present and future. This person needs to build a historical framework for their customers and will feel that something is missing if they haven’t taken the time to develop it. They look to the past to create better expectations for the future. Usually, not everyone shares their enthusiasm for historical information so they require some help in editing their conversations and presentations.

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