This person is a problem solver and able to see the potential of the future.

  • This person can visualize what is down the road and develop an action plan to achieve their goals.
  • This person is always thinking about what is possible for the future, whether it is one, five, ten or more years down the road.
  • This person is capable of making changes along the way as they move forward to achieve their long term goals.
  • This person can inspire others with their forward thinking.
  • This person may have a big-picture work style.
  • This person may excel at coming up with a long-range view and long-range action plans.
  • This person is a problem solver, and may be able to inspire people with their forward thinking ideas.
  • This person may spend most of their time thinking about the future, what is next, and not thinking about the past.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person loves to brainstorm and think about the future and what is possible. They will ask “what will happen if we do this” and “what if this happened” while creating different options. This person can see the big picture and may get a little frustrated if people don’t understand or follow where they are heading. They are at their best when they can develop long-range action plans, but may need some help with maintaining the little details. When sharing their long-range plans, they may need to make sure there is clarity and specificity – what measurements need to be in place?

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