This person enjoys learning about the nuances and detail of an issues and should spend time alone to
think and reflect.

  • This person can assist problem solving by uncovering details others may have missed.
  • This person is energized and learns from discussing complicated issues with an informed individual over things with a philosophical nature.
  • This person has a reflective nature, and will review the day or situation.
  • This person enjoys input and likes to engage in deep conversations.
  • This person is a thinker and demonstrates a reflective air.
  • This person will examine their own thoughts, actions and behaviors.
  • Talking issues through with this person will bring out their best ideas or concepts.
  • May love philosophical discussions and is drawn to deep conversations.

Collaboration Alert:

This person enjoys the process of thinking through problems and to understand the information. This person may like to work slow…they will want to think about it at their own pace and they may need a little more time to come up with the right solution. There is a reflective component for those who have this theme. They will like to examine their own behavior and thoughts and then go and interact. They really enjoy talking through the issues.

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