This person is an information collector.

  • This person has a craving to know more and will pay attention to facts and details.
  • Gathering and archiving information is useful to this person as it could prove to be a valuable resource for themselves and others.
  • There may be a bit of randomness to the information that they gather.
  • This person is a good source of information for the people around them and likes to know a great deal about certain subjects.
  • This person could be a good source of information for their customers or employees.
  • This person is naturally curious and loves to gather information, or do research.
  • This person may find it energizing to share their information and resources with others.
  • This person likes to be a resource to others.

Collaboration Alert:

This person loves to gather information and may loose focus on the most important objectives. They may need clear time-lines and well defined priorities to keep them anchored in what needs to be done. This person has a craving to know more and can be a little frustrated around those who may not want to acquire new information. Make sure that they have a good system of locating the information that they have uncovered.

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