This person will naturally consider alternative plans until they find the best path to achieve an objective or solve a problem.

  • This person is a thoughtful problem solver and will look for alternative plans if necessary.
  • This person is always sorting to the best option and can visualize where the path might lead.
  • When solving problems or overcoming obstacles, this person is able to quickly recognize options, and play out different scenarios in their mind.
  • This person can find a way to solve a problem as well as develop a Plan B.
  • When thinking about a problem, this person will mentally play out different scenarios to find the right strategy and generally will have a contingency plan if things go wrong.
  • This person’s management style is about helping others sort to the best path to solve a problem and get more done.
  • This person may excel at reassessing a situation to get things moving in a positive direction.

Collaboration Alert:

This person will enjoy thinking through problems and utilizing what they know in order to come up with good solutions. They are able to come up with different ways to reach a goal and may occasionally need some quiet time to play out the different scenarios. This person can come up with a strategic plan and a Plan B so they are able to quickly dismiss unworkable scenarios. They may need to explain their reasoning to other people.

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