This person loves the process of acquiring mastery in a chosen subject.

  • This person wants to learn new information as they want to continuously improve.
  • This person will generally have the drive to stay current with new information if they are working in a fast changing field.
  • This person is willing to share the knowledge they have acquired as they see teaching as a way to learn.
  • There is satisfaction for this person to understand and how to achieve their goals.
  • This person enjoys the process of learning new information.
  • This person may be the consummate student – works to study new ideas and issues in order to find the right solution to solve a problem.
  • This person may have a continual need to learn – in order to explain information and accomplish their goals.
  • This person’s learning can include acquiring information and new skills.

Collaboration Alert: 

This person will enjoy the opportunity to learn about new information and will share their insight with others. They work best from a position of expertise. Their manager may want to encourage them to be the ‘resident expert’ regarding a product or customer. They have a need for competence and may be a person who thinks that they can never know too much. Generally, they will thrive in positions that challenge them to know more or know new information. It is important to have the information they need to learn for a job readily available to them.

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