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Predictive Hiring

Years of research has shown that the top 25% of your workforce is more than 2x as productive as your average performers and 4x as productive as your poor performers. What would your company look like if everyone performed like your top 25%? 

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SRG’s TalentProfiler™ determines each individual’s strongest areas of talent and highlights how they can improve and develop. It points managers in the right direction in terms of what each person needs to be at their most productive. 

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Performance Management

Annual performance reviews aren’t enough. The biggest opportunity to improve team performance is created when managers and employees share a clear understanding of expectations, short-term goals, resources and priorities. 

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Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more customer-focused, profit-conscience, supportive of co-workers, and loyal to their organization. Corporate policies and programs don’t build engaged teams. Here’s the key to developing relationships that last.

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